BONAIR air taxi service, flights of proper disposal fast pace of today’s business world. Single and multi-legged flight planning and organization of programs that provides for businessmen and institutions .

Bonair is completely in line with our customers’ requests and needs that can be applied to plan and offers direct flights. Domestic and international flights outlets is our duty to provide the service according your needs.

High quality, fully trained and experienced staff offering a safe and professional service to BONAIR , to fly with you and are always on hand to meet your needs.

Use Time For Yourself!

You can’t contact us 7/24,
and fly anywhere in the world!

Experience and training will be capitalized in BONAIR. Each aircraft is flown by 10.000+ flight hours experienced captains and at least 3000+ flt. hrs. experienced co-pilots, which guarantee comfortable and safe flights.

All pilots, have to be checked with simulators every six months pass. BONAIR’s technical team is at least 15 years experienced in the same type of aircraft, and the JAA and A&P. Periodic maintenance of our aircrafta are being followed by licensed care centers.

Cessna Citation Bravo, Cessna Citation XLS and Embraer Legacy 500 planes are which Bon Air offers air taxi services. In today’s technology, comfort and aircraft that meet all safety factors distances you feel it, you reach a point where you want the fastest way to deliver. If you want information about BONAIR air taxi service, please contact us for further information to us.

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